Staying safe and preventing injury might seem like simply a matter of common sense, but when it comes to staying safe on the job, many Americans take dangerous risks on a regular basis. Unsafe conditions are often a matter of habit. There are several ways that every member of an organization can begin improving on-the-job safety. Workplace safety starts by recognizing unsafe conditions.


Your workplace may have many hazards scattered throughout the work environment. Some of the most common hazards include inaccessible fire exit doors, boxes and other fire hazards stacked too close to the ceiling, and overloaded electrical outlets. Any injury lawyer will tell you that these and countless other small hazards can add up to serious risk and liability. Preventing workplace accidents requires implementing proactive strategies.


Improved job safety should begin with wardrobe. Check to be sure that you and every member of your team are wearing the correct uniform or work clothing. This is an essential for anyone who works with hazardous materials or machinery, but a uniform also extends to things like ID cards and correct shoes. Projecting a unified, professional appearance helps improve security by clearly identifying who belongs in a hazardous area and who does not.


Recognizing the limits of your own training is also important. Training for a job should include a thorough examination of the risks associated with that type of work; someone who has not been trained properly will not have this knowledge. Employees should not take on work for which they have not been thoroughly trained. Supervisors should always work with employees under their direction to bring everyone up to the same level of training.


Make sure that safety signs are in good repair and clearly displayed. Signs identifying exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and eye wash stations play a very important role in workplace safety. As you look around your workplace you will certainly find areas where small changes should be make. Simply removing a tripping hazard or shifting an obstacle away from a fire exit could prevent serious injuries. Having regular safety meetings with workers is the best way to make sure everyone is current on safety issues in the workplace.