Is it worth the effort?

While the idea of cutting strings with your job and becoming self-employed can seem daunting, the benefits of being your own employer outweigh that fear and spur some people into becoming freelancers. Being self-employed generally means you have a lot more freedom than being an employee, but you will have more responsibility to manage. As always, responsibility is something that requires attention, but if you are calling the shots, it becomes natural.

Choose Your Work

Self-employment comes in many shapes and forms. For instance, a small florist shop, a political campaign management office, or even a parking lot striping company can all be forms of a self-employed business. The benefit of becoming self-employed is you can choose what kind of job you want to do and what it will do for the people you service. This means that you get to pick where you work, how long you work, and even why you work.

The Power of Self-Employment

A major benefit with being self-employed is you get to set up your own work rules and regulations. Don't like the dress code? Gone. Have a specific idea how to acquire new customers? Done, it's all yours to decide. You can choose to wear whatever you want (unless you are meeting someone in person). The advantages of being the rule maker are limitless, just be sure that the power doesn't put you at a disadvantage.

Pick Your clients

Yet another plus to running your own show: you get to choose who you want to work for. With other jobs, people would come to you, and you had no choice but to be at their every beck-and-call, but not as a freelancer. As someone who works for himself or herself, you get to decide if a client is worth your time and effort, or if the only thing you will benefit from is the extra lesson in patience. Whatever the decision, it is yours to make.

Overall Benefits

No matter what you do as a self-employed freelancer, it is your chance for a better career. Some people will be frightened off by the uncertainty of how often paychecks will come in, but if you manage yourself in a professional way, you won't have to worry about that for long. The advantages of going solo are extremely appealing, and allows you to work in an environment you can trust. This will lead to a job you will enjoy and a chance to become prosperous.